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REK Patented Design & Machine (Version 2002)

​Its an Multi Application Machine for health concussed:

Suitable For:

  • Cleaning of vegetables & fruits, food bins and other food equipment.
  • Nursery for kids to sterilize the toys and kids items.
  • Food industry equipment for the production line machines.
  • Medical equipment & lab equipment sterilization.
  • Sanitary Bins sterilization.
  • The Rotary Washing Machines also are required for machined components to be cleaned before assembly.

Benefits From This Machine:

  • Reduce the labor cost of manual cleaning and washing.
  • The unique feature of this machine is that collective jobs can be cleaned in single session.
  • It features a rugged tank with a rotary spindle and having pressure jets for extend cleaning,
  • Pressure Jets are stationary and the basket in between rotates, which holds the items to be cleaned.
  • The operator just need to place the jobs in the Rotary Basket and press the Cycle on PB accordingly.
  • The Pneumatic Cylinder operated Door will automatically close and the Spraying Cycle will begin.
  • After completion of the Cycle, the Door will automatically open.
For Local Customers: 
i) Machines are available for leasing with terms and conditions apply.
ii) Free maintenance services will be provided each month during leasing period including parts & labor.
iii) Contact Us for more details.

For Foreign Customers: 
i) Machine is for Sale only.
ii) Machine replacement parts will provided free until the warranty period ends.
iii) Courier Delivery Fee is not included.


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