Services provided for laundry customer:


Preventive maintenance on all your machines is essential to keep all the machines to operate at maximum efficiency levels. It also helps owners to avoid costly breakdowns that lead to customer dissatisfaction and lead to a loss of revenue. The washer and dryers is the key piece of any self-service laundry business. Nothing tells your customers you are ready to tackle their laundry needs more than a 100% fully operating machines.

REK offers bi-monthly maintenance contract to all our laundry operators. Our trained technicians will perform on site full maintenance and produce the full service report to the laundry owner. We will make sure each and every piece of your laundry equipment is operating at its optimal performance. We always take care on your self-service laundry business!

Before Sale:

Make clients clear of all details related to the machine and transactions.
Providing laundry design, Energy consumption calculation, Professional suggestion of every question to each client, consulting other related costs. Make customers clear of every details before placing the order.
Will make a visit the customer on their site and explained about the company product, features and service, as much as possible to grasp the status and needs of customers, rational use of resources to guide customers, feasibility analysis and location and investment plan according to customer needs, provide the best equipment configuration.

  1. According to the shop floor plan provided by the customer, the free store image and the layout of the store are designed
  2. Free water, steam design, gas design, circuit design and equipment layout are designed according to the plan provided by the customer.

Layout: Electrical, Cold & hot water pipe line & gases line for washer and dryers.

After sales services:

We provide high quality machines and the real low-cost after sale service.

  1. REK will do all the installation to washer and dryer as water connection, electricity, drain & ducting.
  2. REK will provide free of charge any parts there of which proves to be defective in material of workmanship within one (1) year from date of original purchase. This warranty shall be voided in the case of misuse or negligence of the equipment. It does not include any labor cost or other related costs.
  3. We provide free installation, debugging and training to our customers.
  4. Detailed user manual and troubleshooting diagram provided including how to use & maintain the machines correctly.
  5. Provide free warranty and maintenance the customer’s equipment within the period stipulated in the contract and the scope of maintenance. The warranty provided lifelong service.
  6. We visit the users regularly to help solve the problems and requirements of the users when they are using the equipment or when they are washing.
  7. Help solve the problems and requirements of the user during the use of equipment or laundry.
  8. The latest information on washing technology is provided free of charge to users.
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